Debt Collection Services

Commercial & Industrial Debt Collection

While our primary goal is to increase our clients’ cash flow through the proficient recovery of their outstanding debts, CRS ensures that we protect our clients’ brand, reputation and customer base as if it were our own. Professionalism and ethics are of the utmost importance to us. We pursue accounts in accordance with our clients' internal processes, and at specific client instruction.

Medical Debt Collection

Medical bills usually relate to highly sensitive and confidential matters, regardless of its gravity. Our experience in the medical sector comes from the many years of assisting healthcare providers across Australia.

CRS has the experience, knowledge and skill set to assist you to recover your outstanding accounts, no matter how sensitive, without damaging your reputation or your relationship with the patient. All CRS employees are trained in accordance to Government Privacy Laws.

Credit Management

We can assist your accounts receivable or credit department in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Developing an effective credit policy.
  • Credit applications design.
  • Credit risk assessments and credit searches.
  • Invoice and statement design (revision of trading terms).
  • Implementation of Directors/Personal guarantees.
  • Registered business and company searches.
  • Internal collection procedures (including telephone techniques and demand letters).
  • Recovery using the legal system.

Private Investigation

Debt Collection isn’t the only service we offer at CRS. The company also provides professional, confidential investigations in the corporate and private sector. Our private investigators are discreet, experienced and fully licenced.

Skip Tracing

Our experienced team of investigators specialise in the location of absconding debtors. 

That said, Cheque Recovery Services does not condone, nor will it tolerate breaches of the Credit Act, Privacy Act or any other Legislation. This includes obtaining information under false pretences, using false names, or through Government or any other organisation where obtaining such information is not permitted by law. 

Process Service & Field Calls

The need may exist to physically visit the residential or business premises of a debtor or prospective client. We have a network of agents that can attend to field calls seven days a week, if and when required to:

  • Verify debtor details (e.g. address, entity, contact details).
  • Identify intentions to repay debt.
  • Make a personal demand for payment.
  • Verify the need for post legal litigation.
  • Serve legal documents.


Legal action to recover debts is considered a last resort in most cases. This form of collection can often be expensive, complicated and time consuming. But, we do have an excellent legal department for matters that need to be taken to this level.

Sticker System

CRS offers a cheap, efficient alternative to debt collection. Why not purchase a “Cheque Recovery Services” sticker package. The glossy stickers can be attached to your outstanding invoices, prompting the debtor to pay within seven days before the account is sent to us. The best part, they pay, and you keep the entire amount.

For more information on our services, including costs, please contact our office on (02) 9901 3909. 


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