Debt Recovery Checklist

Interested in using our services? Here is a step-by-step checklist of the information we need to know to assist with the recovery.

Must-have information:

  • Debtor's name.
  • Debtor's address.
  • Amount owing.
  • Date of invoice(s) owing. 
  • Copies of invoice(s), statements and any previous payments made showing the breakdown of money owed, if requested by the debtor. 
  • Reason for outstanding debt. For example, personal dispute, financial problems, etc.
  • Your own contact details.
Other information:
  • All debtor phone numbers. Includes home, work, mobile, fax, even old/disconnected numbers.
  • All debtor addresses. Includes street, post office box, email.
  • Debtor's date of birth, if known.  
  • Brief history about the person if relevant to debt.
  • Credit application form.
  • Dishonoured cheques.

Once you have gathered these details, please call our office on (02) 9901 3909 for further information.


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